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Who are we?

Like many others here who are trying to sell their property, we got fed up with estate agents who are so busy trumpeting their licence that they seem to forget what they are actually supposed to do. (This licence confers legality; it does NOT confer integrity nor competence.) So we decided to form a sort of co-operative. We are NOT estate agents. Our aim is to help you make the right choice and guide YOU towards a better life too, with impartial advice, based on our considerable insider knowledge, without hype or flannel.

To do this, we have selected what we consider to be the more desirable and good-value properties for sale in this region, and present them on this site. You will be saved a lot of expensive and demoralising time-wasting with vendors who are keen to dump their difficult properties on you, or who inflate the price because you’re a foreigner.

If none of these properties takes your fancy, keep looking! Use the enquiry form to the right to describe what you are seeking, and there’s a good chance we can find something to suit.

We can also direct you to English or French-speaking lawyers, and generally help you settle in, drawing on our own experiences. We would like you to consider us as a reliable friend to lean on.

Contact (in English, French, Dutch or Portuguese):

Carvalhinhos, 3230-211 Penela