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Who are you?

You are seeking a better quality of life for yourself and your family. You are tired of a lousy climate, high prices, overcrowding, overwork, rising crime and social disorder, the government on your back with its hand buried deep in your pocket. The answer could well be moving to another country, or escaping to a holiday home. But which country, and which region?

What are your criteria?

  1. Equable climate, without extremes, winter and summer.
  2. Low cost of living - and tax (see below)
  3. Affordable property.
  4. Safe, stable property market.
  5. Sensible property laws – you don’t want to watch a bulldozer flatten your home.
  6. Low crime.
  7. Lovely green countryside.
  8. Clean, low-pollution air and water.
  9. Good beaches not too far away.
  10. Good, fast connections to your home country.
  11. Good infrastructure – supermarkets, communications, roads, cheap and reliable public transport.
  12. Friendly, hospitable locals.
  13. No concrete-jungle expat ghettos.
  14. No tourist rip-offs.
  15. English/French widely spoken.
  16. Automatic right of residence to EU citizens.
  17. Automatic right to modern health care for EU citizens.
  18. Political stability.
  19. Amazingly good value restaurants.
  20. Super-cheap and very drinkable wine!

There’s only ONE PLACE IN THE WORLD which ticks all of these boxes. Don’t believe it? We challenge you to name another!


Come and see for yourself the green heart of Portugal, Europe’s forgotten Eden, as close to paradise as you can get on this continent.

Where are we?

The Serra da Lousã region, Portugal’s Tuscany, is a little to the north of centre, between Lisbon and Porto, near the lovely medieval university city of Coimbra. It is an area of astonishing diversity, from the high, rugged, forested mountains of the east, through lush, verdant valleys to the flatlands and lagoons of the coastal strip in the west. Where else in western Europe can you ski in the morning and sip cocktails under palm trees in the afternoon?

We are not far from the great golden beaches of the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata); or you might choose to swim in the many warm, crystal rivers and lakes, some with good restaurants on the shore, or just take a picnic and stretch out in the sun!

As Portugal’s third city (and ancient capital). on the banks of the broad River Mondego, Coimbra is not only pleasant to stroll around, but also benefits from every modern amenity: big shopping centres, international restaurants, theatres, museums, excellent rail and bus connections. With its famous university hospital (rated among the top five in Europe), it is also THE medical centre of the country.

World Heritage Tomar, one of the country's most historic and picturesque small towns, is another jewel of this region

To the north, the city of Aveiro (cheekily dubbed ‘Portugal’s Venice’ on account of the one canal which runs through it) has good shopping, beautiful lagoons and beaches.

A special charm for which this region is noted are the ‘xisto’ (slate) mountain villages, some abandoned, some still alive, echoes of an era and way of life fast passing into history.

All this sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Firstly, do not believe the rubbish you may have read about having to add on 10-15% of the sale value for extras, such as purchase tax. The true figure should not exceed around 5%, and may well be less than that.

If you need Costa-style high-rises, kebab take-aways, discos, night clubs, bars and hordes of your compatriots around you, this is NOT the place for you. But if you value peace, the beauty of nature and an easy-going way of life, then join the thousands of British, Dutch, Belgian, French and other nationalities who have already made homes here – enough for company, if you want it, but never an expat ghetto. This is the REAL Portugal, not an expensive tourist-trap which dies in winter.

The flight of young Portuguese to the big cities left decaying houses in many of the rural towns and villages. But that is good news for foreign buyers, who have been snapping up bargains, renovating and breathing life back into them. Europe’s forgotten Eden is being discovered right now. There really is no catch. You could join them – don’t miss out!

 GOLDEN RESIDENCY    Any foreigner purchasing property of value €500,000 or more now has automatic right of residency.

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